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Golden Halo Creoles.

Golden Halo Creoles.

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Handmade to order in 1-3 weeks.

Discover our Golden Halo Creoles, meticulously crafted in 100% recycled 9k yellow gold. These exquisite earrings boast a feather-light design that ensures comfort and style, making them the perfect everyday accessory. Available in a range of sizes from 8mm to 20mm, each with a sleek 1mm thickness, these creoles offer a seamless blend of elegance and sustainability.

The earrings are designed with an integral hinge at the top of the hoop, allowing for easy and secure wear. Simply open the hoop, slide it through your earlobe, and close it to form a complete circular earring. Embrace effortless sophistication with our Golden Halo Creoles, a timeless addition to your jewelry collection that speaks to your commitment to both style and environmental consciousness.

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